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Clickbank Email Marketing (3 Steps To Mastery)

ClickBank is one of the largest online markets providing thousands of digital products and services to millions of buyers around the world. If you are new to the internet, it may seem difficult to find ways to get traffic to your website. Many times the easiest way is to use traditional email marketing campaigns. These methods don’t always work as well as you would like them to and they have a very high drop out rate. That leaves many marketers frustrated and wanting to find more effective ways to market products with ClickBank.

Email Marketing Is The Method Of Sending A Promotional Message To An Opt-in List Of Individuals

Opt-in lists are groups of individuals who have volunteered to receive information from your company. This information includes product information, terms of agreement and how to subscribe to your company’s newsletter. It’s quick and easy to new potential customers to learn about your newest products long-term money making opportunities.

But any email marketing campaign, be it short or long-term doesn’t go straight into the sales funnel. The reason for this is because most email marketing campaigns never make it to the sales funnel. Because of this, you will be losing money on almost every campaign you launch. To make money online with ClickBank, you will need a unique and powerful landing page that converts.

A landing page is typically the first page a user looks at when they visit your website. If your website is unresponsive or does not give your visitors a good experience, they will just go somewhere else to continue their search. For example, if you send them to your homepage by mistake, they might open your spam folder instead. If they open your spam folder instead of your homepage, they won’t see your affiliate links. Therefore, your email marketing efforts will be wasted if you don’t take advantage of Aweber’s landing page optimization tools.

To Make Money Online With Clickbank, You Will Need To Make Sure That All Of Your Emails To Focus Directly On Your Conversion Rates

This means that when someone arrives at one of your links, you want them to make a buying decision as soon as possible. However, if you have a great 1-page website and you send an email promoting your capture page (the link in your signature file), your visitor has to scroll through your whole website to get to the section where you can sell them something.

If you are using Aweber to market your ClickBank business, there are a couple things that you can do to make your marketing more effective and efficient. First, you can place Facebook and twitter affiliate links into your email signature file. Not only will this help you market your ClickBank business more effectively, but it also gives your Facebook and Twitter friends a way to interact with you as well.

You can use your Facebook page to pre-sell your products to your Facebook followers by posting a squeeze page teaser. First, create a page for your ClickBank business and then upload a teaser of one of your available products. Encourage your Facebook followers to ‘like’ your page so that they can receive updates as soon as they post a comment. Next, upload a video showing a person in action using your product. Your Facebook followers will then see a link to your pre-sell page and can click through to learn more about your product.

Last but not least, you should make use of social media networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to promote your ClickBank business. The great thing about these types of social media is that it allows you to connect with people in real life, as well as people who are in your target market. You can upload a squeeze page teaser on these websites, upload a video about your ClickBank affiliate link and use Facebook’s wall to post a number of times as needed. You can also set up a blog, create a YouTube channel and add various other social media features. These methods will greatly help you promote your ClickBank products while simultaneously allowing your Facebook and twitter followers to get to know you as an affiliate marketer.