Marketing strategies of Apple and Samsung compared

Marketing Strategies Of Apple And Samsung Compared

Marketing strategies of Apple and Samsung are the two giants that have created a new market when it comes to cellular phones. Their latest products have become hits not only in America but all over the world. This has been made possible by their marketing strategies that they have employed for this venture. They know that customers value their brand name. They have spent millions of dollars for research and marketing so as to develop better products.

Marketing plans

Both Apple and Samsung have great marketing plans in place to promote their products. It is through these plans that they are able to come up with marketing ideas that will not only enhance their brands but will also attract more customers to buy their products. They know very well that consumers have different buying habits and they have therefore created their own marketing strategies in order to target the right customers. These ideas were tested for quite a number of years as to whether they were effective or not.


The two brands have invested more than a billion dollars for marketing their products. The companies have retained the rights to sell their products at an affordable price so as not to leave a hole in their profit. These marketing strategies have enabled them to come up with better products than their competitors. This has been done by ensuring better customer service, better technical support, enhanced services and improved features and functions. They also have invested on advertising and promotion.

Apple is one of the top brands in the market and it is due to this fact that they are able to sell their products at a high margin. There are many people who consider Apple and Samsung to be the best brand when it comes to cell phones. They do have innovative designs as well as state of the art technology. The innovative features incorporated into their products to make them stand out among the competition. However, other brands also produce phones that are highly advanced and feature rich, but they fail to capture the attention of their users as Apple and Samsung do.


The marketing strategies of Apple and Samsung compared to the other brands are quite similar. Both these brands make use of the television media and use advertisements and marketing strategies to promote their products. They also try to enter new markets by sponsoring or partnering with various companies. Samsung’s contract manufacturing model is also quite similar to that of Apple’s. There have been rumors about them entering the mobile phone market with their own brand of phones, but so far this hasn’t happened.

However, there are differences between the strategies used by these two brands. For example, Apple uses the retail model to promote their products. This means that customers go to stores to buy the particular iPhone or iPad, which is sold by the company, and then sign their name to the sales register. This marketing strategy is used by other companies too, including Sony and Vodafone. Samsung, on the other hand, makes use of its own store branding system and has branded many of its appliances such as televisions, calculators and camcorders.

Samsung is also different in that it has launched its own range of phones – the Galaxy S and Note – instead of relying on licensed versions from other manufacturers. These phones have a distinct brand identity and have been designed to give a personalised feel to consumers. In comparison, Apple uses its television and computer market to promote its brand, while Microsoft uses its gaming console to promote its brand and so on.

It would be unfair to say that Apple and Samsung are the same when it comes to marketing strategies. Their ways of promoting their products vary widely, as do the ways in which other brands to market their products. However, when it comes to brand recognition, the two brands have a lot in common, and this is something that any smart consumer will look favourably upon.