Should You Learn Blackhat Email Marketing?

Should you learn blackhat email marketing? The short answer is: No. “Learn how to do what you love, not make money doing it” is an all-too-common mantra among internet marketers. While it’s possible to earn a significant amount of money via the purchase and sale of goods and services over the internet, there are simply too many factors in place to make it realistically possible to make any revenue at all from the practice. If you really want to become a strong player on the internet, you need to focus on the types of efforts that will produce long-term income for you and ignore the sorts of initiatives that just produce marginal returns.

So Should You Learn Blackhat Email Marketing?

The short answer is: No. Although some unscrupulous marketers have exploited the idea behind these campaigns and made it seem like a viable option, blackhat techniques are designed to do a lot more than spamming and sending out unsolicited bulk emails. They’re also used to promote and market products, and some even use the campaigns as a way to create brand awareness for their websites and other intangible assets.

The good news is that learning these techniques does not have to be difficult. In fact, if you’re smart about it, you can do it on your own. The key to making marketing emails work is to build a relationship with the recipients over time. Keep them on a list (or, in some cases, provide them with free information) and offer them products that will help them develop a trusting reputation for you and your products. By helping them out, you give them a reason to come back to you for more and, ultimately, for more products.

Do you need to learn anything specific to use as a model for your emails? Of course you do. Consider using the email marketing tips that were shared with you in the introduction to this article. These may have been the ones that got you to start paying attention to email marketing in the first place.

Build A Relationship For Value

Once you’ve honed in on your list and have built a relationship with those on your list, you can then begin to test different tactics. For instance, did you use offers in the past that weren’t too personal? Did you try to sell them or try to sell them on something else? You should try to keep from making these kinds of offers unless you’re trying to build trust and an open dialogue with your customers. If you use too much information that’s personal and that deals with your business, you could turn off your customers.

Now here comes the really tricky part: You have to learn how to get around anti-spam filters and other Internet safety measures. This can take time and effort on your part but the results will be well worth it. Most of your emails should never make it to the spam folder. You can still sell to those who opt in to your list and send out special offers to them, but you should only do this with permission. Some marketers skip over this step and they end up getting into trouble with their Internet service providers. You really don’t want to get into trouble with your ISP, do you?

Engagement For Email Marketing With Blackhat Techniques

You also want to learn how to avoid annoying your subscribers so much that they just unsubscribe. This is something that many marketers learn later on in the game when they spend more time promoting than learning. The key to good marketing is providing value and building relationships with your audience. You shouldn’t push your customers to action unless you’re sure they want to take action. If you get into an annoying habit of sending “urgent” emails, you might find that people just delete your emails, no matter what you send them.

Finally, you need to learn how to use a killer headline to capture the attention of your readers. This is where you use a “pitch” or a hook to get them to open your email. Most emails are written by marketers who have never sent a single email before. Sometimes this happens because they struggle to find good content, so they end up copying content from other sources. As long as you know the basics of writing an effective headline, you can be successful at email marketing.