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Why Is It Important To Understand The Rules Of Engagement In Social Media?

Why is it important to understand the rules of engagement in social media? As I write about using social media to generate leads and grow my business, many of my clients are asking me why it is important to learn the rules of engagement in social media. They see these tools as a way to streamline their communications with prospects and potential clients and close more sales. However, there is more to social media than just closing the sale. Understanding the rules of engagement is the first step to maximizing your social media marketing efforts.

Do You Engage With Negative Comments?

The first rule of engagement in social media marketing is to not engage with negative posts or comments. This goes for both Facebook and Twitter. Many marketers are tempted to click “like” on posts or comments that they see and want to engage with the writer or reader. The problem with this is that once you like something on Facebook or tweet it out on Twitter, you have given permission for that content to be shared across these networks.

Why is it important to understand the rules of engagement in social media? Most of us know that it is important to be respectful of one another online. However, the rules of engagement in social media are very different. Unlike traditional marketing efforts where you can simply be annoying and send negative content to build your network and brand, most people in social media engagement are seeking positive relationships. Therefore, you must be careful to avoid creating negative content that will cause your followers and fans to shun you.

The Difference Of Marketing And Advertising

Another rule of engagement is to understand the difference between advertising and real marketing. You must be careful not to use words or phrases in your status updates and tweets that would indicate you are an advertisement. While advertising is important, it is important to stay above the line. Social media is all about relationships, so it is important to remain civil when engaging with your followers and fans.

What if you are following one of the most important rules of engagement in social media? It is important not to become overly promotional. Be careful not to bait your followers and fans to promote your products and services too heavily. Remember that you are using social media to build relationships, so you should remain somewhat neutral in your promotions.

This brings up a very good point. Many of the top marketers are using this as their weapon against their competitors. They know the rules of engagement in social media, so they use this to their advantage. If you are not aware of these rules, you are leaving yourself open to being branded as a spammer and spammers.

Always Keep It Respectful And Civil

It is very important that you remain respectful and civil when engaging other social media users. You can’t show the other person who you are by your posts. It is best to keep it simple and be yourself. The main purpose of the rules of engagement in social media is to make the user comfortable in reading your content and interacting with you.

It may seem like common sense, but this is not always the case. Many users have become quite adept at finding reasons to argue with others and create drama in the comments section of their profiles or on social media websites. When someone posts something negative, they will likely do the same thing in the comments section to defend themselves. If you are going to be successful at using the rules of engagement in social media, you will need to make sure that you know how to handle situations like this.